Betting on table tennis: basic features and strategies

Betting on table tennis: basic features and strategies

Betting on table tennis is a good way to get additional emotions and monetary rewards. To be in the black, it does not hurt to understand the features of table tennis, types of bets, learn how to analyze matches and choose a bookmaker with low margin.

Features of table tennis betting. 

Table tennis is a fast and dynamic game. To better understand table tennis betting, it is worth going over the nuances of the sport:

  • The match is divided into sets. A set lasts until 11 points, or until the gap of 2 points in a draw;
  • The number of sets in a match is odd: from 3 to 7. If the winner of the set is obvious – the game ends;
  • the time of drawing one point is from 4 to 8 seconds;
  • duration of a set is up to 3 minutes;
  • Net play takes up to 25% of the match duration.

The number of sets differs from tournament to tournament. BKs mark up to how many sets there will be in a match: 5 or 7. If the number is not specified, it is better to read the rules yourself. Five-set matches last up to 3 wins, seven-set matches up to 4 wins.

Table tennis betting is characterized by the lack of dependence on serving. In the big tennis, the advantageous number of games is taken by the server. Here the athlete has two consecutive serves and then a change. This frequency deprives the score of a pattern. In ping pong, the style of play of the athletes wiggles more on the serve.

The dynamism of the game at the table has motivated many players to bet on table tennis in play. Clients are attracted by the rapidly changing odds. The amplitude of the jumping stakes corresponds to the rapidly changing situation in the game. In ping-pong a 6-7 point handicap may be won back in less than a minute and a half. The main feature of bets is lightning-fast decision-making before the odds change. 

What kinds of table tennis bets are available?

Bookmakers roll out standard lines, and rarely offer additional bets for table tennis. Some of the main types of bets in pingpong are: win bet, total, and handicap.

Betting to Win

Two outcomes: victory or defeat of the athlete. There are no draws here. Each set goes until the winner. Also popular is a bet on the victory in a single set.

Total betting

For quality bets on table tennis, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the offers of bookmakers. They offer betting on the following options:

  • The number of points earned in the match;
  • The total points of one athlete;
  • The number of points earned in the game;
  • total number of sets.

Before predicting the number totals, it is important to know the regulations, because the total number of possible points scored depends on the number of games.

Betting on handicaps

Handicap is a typical ping pong bet, as there are often athletes with different levels of play. Often in the line BC you can bet on the following types of handicaps:

  • On all scored points in a match;
  • On the difference of victories in sets;
  • On the points in one game.

For a handicap bet, it is important to predict how many games will be played.

Other Wagers

In addition to the outcome, handicaps and totals, players can bet on such events:

  • Game/Match – simultaneous betting on the outcome of a set and the entire meeting;
  • the score after two games;
  • the exact number of periods;
  • Even/Odd games.

Some bookmakers add other non-standard offers to the line.

How to analyze matches for betting in table tennis

A working table tennis betting strategy obliges the player to conduct a preliminary analysis of matches. Before the game, forecasters pay attention to these indicators:

  1. Statistics. Shows how ready the athlete is for the game.
  2. Motivation. Shows whether the player needs this match. The nominal favorite will not lay out in a friendly meeting before a responsible tournament.
  3. Tournament Objectives. If the athlete does not grab the stars from the sky, then the simplest competition is important to him, but the top players aim for the best awards.
  4. Face-to-face meetings. The psychological mindset of the game is also important. If the opponent is an underdog, but the favorite has never won against him, then there is a chance that he will try his best to break the streak.
  5. Physical Condition. How fit the player is, whether he has any injuries, how many days of rest he had before the game.
  6. Style of play. Whether the tennis player is used to imposing his game or adjusting more to his opponent.
  7. Psychology. It is important that the player is not distracted by personal problems during the match. 

Having analyzed all the parameters, it is possible to come to a conclusion, how much the tennis player is ready to play. This knowledge will allow you to choose the right bet.

Best Table Tennis Betting Strategies

The best table tennis betting is backed by good gambling and financial strategies. Players regularly develop new strategies to improve winning percentages. Some of the well-known approaches to playing table tennis are presented below.

Betting on the total in the third set

The strategy involves betting on a TB of 18.5 in the third game. It is necessary to bet if the score before the third game is 1:1. At the same time in each game tennis players scored less than 18.5 points. Bookmakers estimate the chances of both athletes winning at odds below 2.5.

Example of application of the “Total more” strategy
Betting on ТМ 18,5 in 3 games is appropriate if the players scored more than 18,5 points in each period, the favorite took both sets and the odds before the match on one was less than 1.35.

Live Betting on Favorites

The strategy of betting on the favorite suggests betting on the course of the match, if the following requirements are met

  • The favorite has 1 point left to win the set;
  • The outsider has less than 7 points in the game.

To bet successfully using these tactics, you need to have enough time to place your bets before the odds change.

Live Betting on the underdog

If the clear favorite before the match loses in the course of the game, you can bet on it, if two nuances are observed:

  • Losing no more than 3 points by the end of the set;
  • odds. on the victory of the favorite above 3.

In table tennis bets during the match are accompanied by a high level of margin. For this reason it is important to analyze before the game. 

Advantages of using table tennis strategies:

  • Accessibility. Tactics are easy to use in practice;
  • A large variety of strategies, you can choose the tactics of your choice and the bank;

Cons of table tennis strategies:

  • Applying any strategy involves risks and does not guarantee profits