How to bet correctly on water polo

How to bet correctly on water polo

Water polo, also known as water polo, is not considered a rare enough sport in betting. There are few strategies disclosed in the direction, but it is important to understand the details in order for water polo betting to start generating income.

Features of water polo betting

Live water polo betting is considered particularly popular for a number of reasons:

  • Many different events are predominantly available;
  • It is necessary to constantly monitor the results;
  • you need to monitor changes in the field;
  • it is important to keep track of the odds.

Prematch is also in demand. It is a bet before the start of the match and the opposite of live betting. Here, it is important to analyze beforehand, studying the statistical data of the opponents for a correct prediction.

Popular betting types

Bookmakers give you the opportunity to play mostly basic types of bets. Demanded variants:

  • Water polo bets on the outcome. Offered in three types – victory of one of the teams or a draw result.
  • Betting on the winning of the period. Water polo has rules that differ from other sports. There are 4 periods of the match, each lasting 8 minutes. A bettor can bet on a win in any period. Available and betting on a victory in a single period with a handicap.
  • Betting on a handicap. Predominantly in matches there is already one popular favorite. The reason usually lies in a considerable difference in classes. As a result, handicap betting is considered popular. A handicap is an opportunity to equalize the probabilities of the teams to win. And the bettor gets the opportunity to consider bets with higher odds. Predominantly in the spreadsheet, handicaps are offered in minimal increments of 1-2 years.
  • Betting on the total. Each year, the rules of water polo are slightly changed for greater entertainment and interest of spectators. For example, reduced time on possession. In general, betting on the total is considered the most popular in this sport.

This is only part of the possible water polo bets that a bettor can make. But they are in particular demand among bettors.

How to increase the probability of betting on water polo

To increase the probability of sports betting it is rational to adhere to both general tips and certain recommendations. Key among them are the following:

  1. Study the weaving form of the team and goalkeeper – the key to a successful bet. You’ll have to figure out what form the participants are in, what the specific lineup is, who’s in the lead and so on. These are basic parameters for proper analysis of a team sport. Particular attention is paid to goalkeepers, because literally everything depends on the game of the goalkeeper. He can repel dozens of shots in a game period. It is believed that the stronger the goalkeeper, the more powerful the team is.
  2. Learning the pool is important. It’s best to start your betting selection by studying the pool for a particular match. A home aquatic space will help the team be much stronger than in any other sport. Sometimes matches are played in outdoor pools, which you should also be aware of before betting, as it affects the outcome.
  3. Pay attention to the analytics of your opponents. This sport is common in certain countries, such as Croatia, which means that water polo teams are also popular. In Hungary, the situation is similar. In women’s polo, the team from the United States is currently in the lead.

It is believed that the bookmaker and the player in this sport are roughly on equal footing. The reason is that the popularity of water polo is not that great. There are not many analysts in the direction, and only competent professionals offering detailed forecasts should be trusted. With a competent analysis, the bettor has a chance to beat the bookmaker.

Popular Strategies for Water Polo Betting

It is better to choose such strategies:

  • Individual total more. Suitable when the favorite is in great shape. Suitable for live betting on water polo and for pre-match.
  • Plus Outsiders Handicaps. If the odds are too high, it can play well. But it is important to understand the championship, to explore all the pros and cons of the opponent.

Predominantly experienced bettors choose to bet on water polo in play. In this case, it is rational to make a choice in favor of several promising moments at once.