The secrets of successful sports betting: can you get rich with it

The secrets of successful sports betting: can you get rich with it

Those who are new to sports betting and have no knowledge of the structure and operation of betting shops often make grave mistakes, resulting in big losses. This, in turn, leads to total disappointment and abandonment of betting.

Almost all beginners, start playing against a bookmaker without knowledge or experience. The only thing they can be sure of is who the favourite and who the underdogs are. They think they know enough to succeed, but end up losing the whole pot.

In order not to lose every deposit, a player must fully understand how a bookmaker works, and the secrets of betting on sports.

Before betting, become well acquainted not only with the sport, but also with the teams taking part in the competition. Equally important is the analysis of the upcoming matches.

Match analysis – the secret of successful betting

If you learn how to correctly analyse the upcoming events, you will guarantee half your success. For a proper analysis make sure you have statistical data on your opponents from the last few seasons.

Each player has to be analysed individually, not just the team as a whole. The key player is the most important player of the match. He is often the deciding factor in the whole game. If he doesn’t have a chance to take part in the encounter, it means the team will be weakened.

The secret of the bookmakers is the principle of odds. If you monitor the line movement in real time, it is easier to see who the real favourites are in a match where there are no clear favourites. When making a prediction, the analysis of changing odds is an essential element.

All forecasts are divided into two types: intuitive and analytical.

Intuitive Forecasts

Normally this kind of prediction is made based on the knowledge about the sport, level of the participants and other factors. After evaluating all that, the player forms an opinion about who is going to win the match.

Predictions Based on Analysis

This kind of prediction is based on statistical information about clubs and players. It includes the history of personal meetings, the results of the last duels. In this case we use only numbers.

Regardless of the type of prediction, one should consider the current state of the opponents, their recent results and the history of their head-to-head encounters. It is advisable to gather as much information as possible. Find out the weather forecast for the day of the upcoming event, for instance. Some bettors combine analytics and intuition, creating hybrid forecasts.

The secret of bookmakers is quite simple to understand. Their aim is to attract the maximum number of customers. Today, there are more than a hundred betting shops and, consequently, the level of competition is the highest. In such circumstances, each bookmaker is trying to outdo the other by providing better odds, generous bonuses and other niceties. A greater number of customers has an impact on profit growth, regardless of how many of them win.

Experienced bookmakers try to stick to a certain strategy all the time.

Sports betting strategies

There is a fairly workable strategy for betting on football, called “overtaking”. It is very popular among bettors, and the secret of football betting with it is that the player will end up winning and the winnings amount will cover the previous expenses and make a profit.

To use this strategy in football betting, it is necessary to have a considerable amount of money in the account. A bet is made on a particular event until it wins.

Forks is another reliable strategy. It requires having accounts in more than one betting company. This is done in order to find a fork when analysing bookmakers’ lines. A bettor who bets a fork on the same event in two betting shops must win regardless of the outcome of the match.

Such a phenomenon as a fork occurs because the odds on the same event at different bookmakers may be different, players need to find these differences, and if a fork bet is possible, it is done in 2 betting companies simultaneously. And the money is bet on two opposite outcomes.

In order to make a serious profit from a wick, the betting size should be large, as the winning percentage is small.

Gamblers are not the only ones who know the secrets of sports betting. The bookmakers are also aware of these tricks. Consequently, they try to counteract such players. Some bookmakers block the accounts of clients who are caught using wickets. To avoid this being an unpleasant surprise to you, it is necessary to read the rules of the institution carefully before registering.